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Rémy Smith: Senior Recruiter: For :23andMe, Google, Instacart & Allegis.


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Our sophisticated technology is seamlessly designed to be approachable and straightforward, so you can leave the complexity to us and concentrate on forging meaningful connections with top talent.
Strategies for Hard-to-Fill Roles
Unravel the mysteries of hiring for those elusive roles. Explore our expert strategies and tap into the hidden talent pools to find the perfect match for those challenging positions."
Resourceful Recruiting: Stay Lean & Effective
In an ever-changing landscape, teams are getting leaner, but your placements can still soar. Discover innovative techniques to streamline your recruiting process and boost your efficiency without compromising on quality
Empowering Your Recruitment TA Teams
Our leadership brings over two decades of recruitment experience to the table. This expertise permeates our platform, shaping solutions that address the genuine challenges of recruitment today.
Services for Flexibility
Customize Your Recruitment Approach: Embrace Flexibility with Our Modular Services. Whether it's on-demand options or comprehensive enterprise-level candidate portals, we have the right solutions to fit your unique needs
Realtime recruiting insights
Unlock Powerful Insights: Discover Salaries, In-Demand Skills, and Top Hiring Companies for Any Role. empowers you with data-driven insights to make strategic recruiting decisions with confidence
"We’ve been most proud of people talking about the quality of talent we have placed in their organization. We have not just hired people to hit a quota, but we’ve hired top people." EQ CEO Marcus Sawyerr

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