HR Kickstart leverages EQbuddy to transform its recruiting efforts.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Sean Carroll, co-founder of HR Kickstart, about how his startup leverages EQbuddy to transform its recruiting efforts.

In our conversation, Sean explained that his team previously spent hours manually sourcing potential candidates across platforms like LinkedIn. But with EQbuddy, they can now get a tailored list of candidates in just seconds by simply uploading a job description.

Sean highlighted several key benefits his startup has experienced with EQbuddy:

  • Time Savings - Instead of hours of manual sourcing, the tool returns a list of relevant, high-quality candidates instantly. This allows his team to focus on other strategic priorities.
  • Candidate Diversity - EQbuddy pulls candidates from a wide range of companies and locations, leading to more diverse recruiting slates.
  • Conversational Refinement - Sean noted he can have a back-and-forth "conversation" with EQbuddy, further refining results by providing feedback on candidates he likes.

Sean was also excited about additional use cases, like leveraging the tool for targeted business development outreach to connect with founders and CEOs.

Overall, it was great to hear Sean explain how EQbuddy has become an invaluable asset for his growing HR startup by eliminating tedious recruiting tasks. The conversational nature of the tool and ability to quickly unearth quality, diverse candidates sets EQbuddy apart from other solutions.

We are looking forward to seeing HR Kickstart continue to scale with the help of EQbuddy.